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Tom Todd

The Amazing One-Man-Band

One of Tom Todd's specialties is playing for WEDDING RECEPTIONS.

Tom sings, plays, and acts as emcee for your party.

Why hire a DJ to play the same songs you just heard on your car radio 5 minutes ago?!?  Do you want your wedding to stand out as something special? Would you like to provide an element of entertainment at your affair?  Entertainment that people can watch and enjoy as well as listen to?

These are questions that should be given serious thought as you plan your wedding day.  What are the most important elements of a reception?   What are the important things that will make your day successful, special?  What do you want people to remember about your party?  The color of the flowers, the style of the tux, the kind of cake...these are all fun to plan, but they aren't going to 'make or break' the event.  Probably the three most important parts of your reception, things that will have a direct bearing on whether your party is totally enjoyable.

1.  The place where your reception will be held.  (Is it large enough?  Is it too large?  Will it work in any weather?  Do you want one large hall, or a few connected rooms?  Do you need a dance floor?)

2.  The food.  (Good food, while staying within a reasonable budget.)

3.  The music/entertainment  (Will the music fit the mood of the room, and of your guests?  Will the music entertain?  Will it compliment and support the way you want your reception to 'flow'?)

Tom Todd's musical show will provide what you are looking for.  His music will fit almost any mood you are trying to set....  

Cocktail music, as the guests are coming in and meeting and greeting one another, will set the mood as light and lively, but quiet.  Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to see the variety of musical instruments on stage, and to hear the variety of music being played.

Dinner music will be quiet, soothing and sedate, so guests can be comfortable while talking and eating. Still, there is the human element of the music, of someone performing, that will entertain.

Dance:  As the evening progresses, the music should gradually pick up the pace.  Tom plays a wide variety of styles that appeal to all ages.  Slow dance, fast dance, whatever the audience responds to, is what he will play.  And it's a live show, not upstaging the bride and groom, but working with them to please the guests, and to get through the various events of the reception.

Special events:  The bouquet toss, the garter toss, the cutting of the cake, the wedding dance, the bridal party dance, special dedicated dances for the parents, grandparents, special friends or relatives, are all important and fun highlights of the reception, and they all gain added excitement when emcee'd by Tom.

Polka, waltz, Latin, Italian, country, big band, jitterbug, etc, are often crowd favorites, and are all styles that Tom plays well. Rock'n'roll, disco and line dance will get everyone jumpin'.  Plenty of slow songs, old and new, are definitely included so people can dance and converse at the same time.  Tom has a tremendous array of songs to choose from.  Take a look at his Song List

Do you have a favorite song(s)?  Is there someone in your group of  friends or relatives who would like to sing or play a song at the reception?  Are there any special dedications you would like made?  Tell Tom well ahead of time, and we can plan to make any of these ideas a special moment on your special day.

Tom also plays for wedding ceremonies. Softly strummed or classical style acoustic guitar and vocal.

Special "Buffett-Parrothead" note: Many couples today are choosing an "Island Theme" for their reception - Buffett and island music, grass skirts, tropical drinks, etc. This approach is more casual and can be a lot of fun! Tom Todd's "Trip to Buffettville" Buffettville is the perfect choice for musical entertainment.




Reasons NOT to hire Tom for your reception:

1.  If you think you need all high energy current heavy rock played "just like on the radio".

2.  If you think you need lots of rap tunes.

If either of these is the case, then you should look elsewhere for music for your reception.  

But if you want well-varied music, an interactive element, a wide range of musical styles played on a variety of instruments or sung in a pleasing way, someone on stage with a sense of humor to help your reception roll along in a fun manner, a day you and your guests will remember.... call Tom and talk. You'll be glad you did.

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