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Dance Video and Instructions

To see the video on YouTube, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSkhhWwp1XE (if it doesn't open properly, try copying and pasting this in the address box on your web browser.)

You get...

1-VHS video of the dancers, the band and the dance instructor talking you through each step. (DVD available soon)

2-CD of the song SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS and two other great songs; FIRST IMPRESSION and I KNEW THERE WAS YOU.

3-Written instructions for the dance.

Great for line dance groups, Scottish or Irish dance groups or anyone who wants to learn this fun new dance!

$14.95 (US) is your total cost. We'll pay shipping and handling.

(We are not yet set up for credit card, etc. We'll have to go on the honor system for now.) Please send a money order or personal check

to: Tom Todd
10449 Johnnycake Ridge Rd
Concord, OH  44077

For more information about Tom Todd, the Amazing One-Man-Band, please go to his home page...Tom Todd