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Tom Todd, The One-Man-Band performs music for Seniors...

       Retirement Homes

       Senior Clubs and Social Gatherings

        Nursing Homes

There are two basic programs you can request:

For social gatherings, dances, parties:
Tom sets up a sound system which provides his unique background music.  He then plays saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flute, banjo, guitar and sings.  It sounds like a complete band, but at a very reasonable volume.  It is very danceable, and very entertaining to see him play on all the musical instruments.

For nursing homes, retirement homes:
Tom simply strums a guitar and sings.  No sound system necessary.  He plays a fun selection of sing-alongs that everyone can join in on, with some funny songs, silly jokes and laughter.

Prices vary depending on travel time.  NE Ohio area.  Prices are reasonable.

For more information, call
Tom Todd at 440 552-5892

or send e-mail to:

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