Auditions for
Frankenstein: The Rock Opera

Dates: Tuesday, August 24 and
Thursday, August 25

7:00 - 10:00

at Arlene's Broadway on Buffalo

For this particular show, we prefer (although you may choose other music) that you audition by singing music from THIS show. To get the mp3 with vocal, mp3 without vocal, sheet music and lyric sheet for auditions, please contact and the files will be mailed to you, or contact Clay at the theater.

DR. FRANKENSTEIN [male lead, 30-60 years old, full voice mid-tenor]  Dr.F All In Ruins
BRASTON [male lead, villain, 20-40 years old, dynamic full-voice mid-hi-tenor, athletic]  Braston Reply
MARY [leading female, smooth lyrical voice, short in height] Mary Surface
PIMPERTON [male lead, 30-60 yrs old baritone, short, looking for a unique, humorous voice] Pmprtn Rally
MONSTER [one song, limited speaking, looking for VERY TALL actor, 6'5" - 7', strong, athletic]  Mnstr Why

MALE support actors [strong, loud, full mid-range voices, athletic for several fight scenes, some dance or gymnastics helpful] Male Trio Tuff Guys
FEMALE support actors [good part singers, athletic for some action scenes]  Female Trio Girl Talk

This is a rock opera, so sing like rock stars!

Let Clay or Tom know which night you're auditioning. This is going to be a fun show, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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